Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wanna see a true Hungarian demonstration?

Then go to the Astoria this Sunday at 2 pm. Preferably on your feet. Cause it will be a demonstration for the fresh air, against the pollution of the air. We want the politicians to make some changes. We have the examples from abroad that it's possible.
And you can see all the underground faces of the city there, maybe getting some party-tips as well, or just be there for our beautiful city. Help us to change! Please. It's in the touristic area, anyway.

When? 17th of February, Sunday, 14:00
Where? Astoria

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The gluttony thursday

tomorrow, (06. february) is the day for going to restaurant. before the easter fast you can fill your stomach with delicious dishes for half price. there are 1068 restaurant giving 50% discount from the meals all over hungary. this promotion is valid for the 'a la carte' meals or the special menus composed for this occasion.
here's the list with the places participating. there's also a hompage, but it's only in hungarian.