Friday, 25 January 2008

central market strikes back

once, there was a post about the central market on the fővám tér. don't want to replicate myself or something like that, just to add some fresh photos. i won't describe them, come and discover it (sure, i'll tell you more about it, just ask me in e-mail).
it's lovely, believe your eyes.

Monday, 21 January 2008

skating in the city park

january is the coldest month in hungary. but in the past few years the weather doesn't know anything about this, so it was 17 celsius yesterday in Szentgotthárd. in my opinion it's the best time for skating: you can do it in a sweater without a jacket and any risk of colds. so let's skate on central europe's biggest outdoor skate-rink in the city park of budapest. just behind the heroes square, next to the castle of vajdahunyad facing with the attendant hall built in 1894. yeah, it's really budapestic, should try it. but be careful, the ice can be wet in these hot days, so don't fall.

there's a shop right next to the entrance, where you can buy or rent skates. the rental fee is 600 huf (2,4 euros) per hour. if you rent, during your fun times you have to leave your id card or 15 000 huf at the shop as a deposit.

it's open two times a day: 9 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm.
the entrance fee depends on when you go, but it's either 700 huf (2,7 euros) or 970 huf (3,8 euros)
there's a website (, with more information.
address: 1046, Olof Palme sétány 5. you can get there buy the #1 metro line, bus #30, #4 and some of the trolley bus lines. heroes square is a big junction, you can't miss it. (but of course, here's the map)

the picture is from anundrum.

Friday, 18 January 2008

A La Galette crèperie

If you are fed up with all these yammy but greasy Hungarian specialities, you might have some French ones. All right, at A La Galette you can't get anything for 130 huf like at the Fakanál, but it's still affordable. Close to the Nyugati trainstation you can find a sweet Breton restaurant mostly with fabulous galettes and crèpes. A very nice French couple runs the place, the husband cooks, the wife serves the food. The most simple courses start at around 600 huf (2,4 eur) and the most complicated ones end up at around 2.500 huf (10 eur). And you can drink cidre, what you rarely find in Hungary.

The colours are blue and white, some kind of marine-style, all this and the perfect lights make a very pleasant atmosphere. We as university students are so used to the fast food restaurants, that for the first moment it was a surprising gesture to get water in nice glasses without asking. You know, everything is different at the Chinese (:

The address: Szondi utca 11, 6th district (map)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 11pm; Sunday 11am to 3pm
You can get here by: tram #4,6 (stop: Oktogon or Nyugati tér), metro 1 (Oktogon) or metro 3 (Nyugati tér)

For the photo thanks to roboppy on flickr.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

eat out: cheap, dirty but typical

i work in a hostel as a recepcionist, and lots of guests ask me about the typical local meals. usually they want to get it from a restaurant and usually (because it's a hostel not a boscolo hotel) they want it for a reasonable price. the answer is fakanál ételbár (the wooden spoon foodbar). i don't want to make false dreams to you, it's a real chop-house. i never saw anybody, who's not a student or a phisical labor as a customer. or sometimes some brave turists with cameras in the corner. plastik chocked covers on the metal tables, almost rusty plates for the soups and a collection of more than a hundred differtent plates for the meals. it's in a cellar and there's semidarkness, steam and hot.
there's a menu on the wall, i hasn't changed i guess since it was opened. also the mom of the canteen is the same with that rusty voice on which she shouts the order to the kitchen.
i'm not a gastroblogger typed, so don't ask me about it. i just can tell, it's one of the only places, where you can eat a meal like they do it at home.
found some prices:
clear soup (130HUF ~ 0,50 euro)
gulyás soup with beans (300HUF ~ 1,20 euro) - yee, the GOULASH!
macaroni (320HUF ~ 1,25 euro )

address: Fakanál ételbár, 1081, Baross utca 15. (map)
opening hours (i think): from 11:00 or 12:00 to 15:00 on every weekday.

i'll try to get some photos, promise.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Esclin Syndo in Kultiplex

yeeey, we are back. for a bit. i hope.

i'm here to recommend you a concert and of course, the place where it'll be.
the band is Esclin Syndo. not the most famous one, not in the whole world, and also not in hungary. so they are quite friendly, maybe you can play csocsó (table soccer) with them after the gig. the style according to their hompage is quality music, '80s electronics, metal riffs, hip-hop drums, a charing voice, experiment. probably they won't get a bigger audience than hundred people, but it's going to be one and a half hour stomp. i choosed them, because they are a kind of unique thing from hungary: great music.
yep, and a place is also great, alternative snug. like the well known szimpla. also the base of an art cinema and the headquarter of the first and most known (ex-)pirate radiostation, the tilos. and it's a sad story, because it has to be closed in february due to immovable estate things about the local government. but till that it's the time for loads of free concerts. like the one i told you. remember: kultiplex.

and the date is: 15th of february.
adress: kultiplex, 1092, Kinizsi utca 28. (map)
esclin syndo: web, myspace
kultiplex: myspace