Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Esclin Syndo in Kultiplex

yeeey, we are back. for a bit. i hope.

i'm here to recommend you a concert and of course, the place where it'll be.
the band is Esclin Syndo. not the most famous one, not in the whole world, and also not in hungary. so they are quite friendly, maybe you can play csocsó (table soccer) with them after the gig. the style according to their hompage is quality music, '80s electronics, metal riffs, hip-hop drums, a charing voice, experiment. probably they won't get a bigger audience than hundred people, but it's going to be one and a half hour stomp. i choosed them, because they are a kind of unique thing from hungary: great music.
yep, and a place is also great, alternative snug. like the well known szimpla. also the base of an art cinema and the headquarter of the first and most known (ex-)pirate radiostation, the tilos. and it's a sad story, because it has to be closed in february due to immovable estate things about the local government. but till that it's the time for loads of free concerts. like the one i told you. remember: kultiplex.

and the date is: 15th of february.
adress: kultiplex, 1092, Kinizsi utca 28. (map)
esclin syndo: web, myspace
kultiplex: myspace

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