Wednesday, 16 January 2008

eat out: cheap, dirty but typical

i work in a hostel as a recepcionist, and lots of guests ask me about the typical local meals. usually they want to get it from a restaurant and usually (because it's a hostel not a boscolo hotel) they want it for a reasonable price. the answer is fakanál ételbár (the wooden spoon foodbar). i don't want to make false dreams to you, it's a real chop-house. i never saw anybody, who's not a student or a phisical labor as a customer. or sometimes some brave turists with cameras in the corner. plastik chocked covers on the metal tables, almost rusty plates for the soups and a collection of more than a hundred differtent plates for the meals. it's in a cellar and there's semidarkness, steam and hot.
there's a menu on the wall, i hasn't changed i guess since it was opened. also the mom of the canteen is the same with that rusty voice on which she shouts the order to the kitchen.
i'm not a gastroblogger typed, so don't ask me about it. i just can tell, it's one of the only places, where you can eat a meal like they do it at home.
found some prices:
clear soup (130HUF ~ 0,50 euro)
gulyás soup with beans (300HUF ~ 1,20 euro) - yee, the GOULASH!
macaroni (320HUF ~ 1,25 euro )

address: Fakanál ételbár, 1081, Baross utca 15. (map)
opening hours (i think): from 11:00 or 12:00 to 15:00 on every weekday.

i'll try to get some photos, promise.

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judyjudy said...

my favourite here is the "májas ragu hasábburgonyával", which is (chicken?) liver with peas and french fries. around 500 huf, 2 euros.
but don't ask for macaroni, it's bad as hell. and don't try here the "túrógombóc", the very good hungarian sweety.
and don't expect anybody to speak english.