Monday, 21 January 2008

skating in the city park

january is the coldest month in hungary. but in the past few years the weather doesn't know anything about this, so it was 17 celsius yesterday in Szentgotthárd. in my opinion it's the best time for skating: you can do it in a sweater without a jacket and any risk of colds. so let's skate on central europe's biggest outdoor skate-rink in the city park of budapest. just behind the heroes square, next to the castle of vajdahunyad facing with the attendant hall built in 1894. yeah, it's really budapestic, should try it. but be careful, the ice can be wet in these hot days, so don't fall.

there's a shop right next to the entrance, where you can buy or rent skates. the rental fee is 600 huf (2,4 euros) per hour. if you rent, during your fun times you have to leave your id card or 15 000 huf at the shop as a deposit.

it's open two times a day: 9 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm.
the entrance fee depends on when you go, but it's either 700 huf (2,7 euros) or 970 huf (3,8 euros)
there's a website (, with more information.
address: 1046, Olof Palme sétány 5. you can get there buy the #1 metro line, bus #30, #4 and some of the trolley bus lines. heroes square is a big junction, you can't miss it. (but of course, here's the map)

the picture is from anundrum.


Myku said...

"Budapestic??!!" Haha. I like that.

I've never been to Budapest and it seems I'm missing a lot more than I realized. Great blog....

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