Friday, 21 September 2007

2nd BalkanFest

in the west balkan. that's a pub/concert place which has also a garden area. quite nice, and underground with lots of different colours, trust me.
and about the festival. on the next weekend for two days this place becomes literatully part of the balkans. there'll be cookings for the afternoon, tables with traditional serbian and turkish dishes (lamb, pjeskavitza, chevapchicha - mmm, yumm). the event starts with a film from slovenia (Cheese and Jam/Kajmak in marmelada) followed by concerts by Kobra brass-band, Ajde Braco, Tűzkő Csaba (saxophone) and DJ 300 Karú Cigányzenekar (DJ 300 handed gipsy band).

September 29., (Saturday)

20:00Cheese and Jam
September 29., (Saturday)

22:00Kobra Rezes Fúvós Zenekar

0:30DJ Macsity
September 30., (Sunday)

21:00Ajde Braco concert with Tűzkő Csaba

22:30DJ 300 Karú Cigányzenekar

the ticket for Saturday costs 1500 HUF (6 eur), for Sunday 800 HUF (3,2 eur) and for both days 2000 HUF (8 eur). the adress is VIII. district, Futó utca 46. (map). you can get there with the 4-6 tram (Üllői út stop) or by blue metro (Ferenc körút or Klinikák station).

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