Saturday, 8 September 2007

rain is still on - so chocolate

as i promised, i will continue the tips for this bad weather. if you are already bored of the tea of the sirius, you should try noir choco bar. yes, it is what it seems to be, a place full of (belgian) chocolate. you can choose maybe from 50 different hot chocolate, i already tried some of them, and they are hell good. i can't say exact prices, but as i remember a cup of chocolate is around 400-500 forints, so around 2 euros. but totally worth it. of course you can find also tea, coffee, milk shakes, hot cocoa and even alcoholic drinks. and chocolate fondue (!) for 1800 forints.
you can also buy many tipes of special chocolate products.
the place has beautiful warm colours, funny paintings on the wall, cozy pillows.
you can find it on the corner of the hegedű street and the paulay ede street. it's close to the liszt square (map). and it's also on the basement level (:


Céline Michel said...

What can I say ? Congratulations. Or better: thanks, thank you really.
Now I can't wait to come to Budapest and try these places. And in anyway I'll miss the alternative market !
You're running a very good blog, with lot of maps, places, nice pictures.
Just go on, make more people know about it !

pite said...

tell more people (;