Wednesday, 30 May 2007


i'm really hooked on maps. while travelling and arriving to a city, my first thing is to find an information and get some (we already mentioned, you can take free ones at the airport).

there are pretty good online ones about budapest. check out google maps (or yahoo maps), it's quite detailed and has all the streets. you can search for adresses, places and so on.
if you want to get from A to B by public transport use this. it's a shame, it's only hungarian but let me help you. kerület is district, just leave it unfilled. you should write the street adress to the utca, házszám field. indulás means departure, érkezés is arrive. if you click on the mutasd, the map checks, if you gave a right adress. finally click on mehet (ok). and take a look at the underground network here (green one is under construction).
coming by bike? plan your route here. type the departure and destination (indulás and érkezés) than click on útvonaltervezés biciklivel link below.
at the end, i have a photo and a video map.

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