Saturday, 18 August 2007

hc camp

ok, we are back. to hungary, but not to the busy workdays. eg. there's a hospitalityclub/couchsurfing camp happening just right now (16th-20th of August). i've been there on the fist day, so i can tell you some words about the mood. saw friendly people from the czech rep., poland, germany, belgium, but that's not the full list (GO and find the others (; ). about the program: on monday, it's the national holiday in hungary, so there'll be a kind of festival in the village so let's rave! for those, who aren't so culturistics, there is the football match against the neighbouring guys.
ok, that's not budapest, that is Súr. the perfect place if you've been always interested in the small villages that are almost unreachables.
here's a homepage, you can find some very useful directions. see you there! (GO!)

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