Saturday, 19 July 2008

rent a bike

because it's the most trendy way to go from A to B in these day in budapest. although, there aren't many bicycle path and also the cars drivers not very ... hm, like the germans, you know. let's say they are like the italians without a smile. BUT! dare to hop one a bike, the layout of the city is perfectly designed for two wheels. ok, expect the castle hill.

so, i collected, what i found about the rental companies.

budapestbike (
address: VII. Wesselényi u. 18.

  • six hours: 2000 huf,
  • one day: 3000 huf
  • two days: 5000 huf
they have tandems, and the prices include the helmet, chain and lock.

bikebase (
address: VI. Podmaniczky utca 19.
  • 24 hours: 2000 huf
  • 48 hours: 3500 huf
need to present (not as deposit) an ID or passport. provide panniers and tool kit.

Lowe Alpine (
address: VI. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 17.
  • 5 hours: 1500 huf
  • 24 hours: 3500 huf
  • 36 hours: 4500 huf
  • 48 hours: 5500 huf
it includes padlock, carrier and helmet. 15000 huf or 50 eur deposit needed.

bajnok (champion) (
address: VI. Bajnok utca 29.
  • 24 hours: 2500 huf
  • 48 hours: 4000 huf
  • a week: 10000 huf
actually, they are a messenger company and a service, so probably they have the best bikes.

yellow zebra (
address: V. Sütõ utca 2. and VI. Lázár utca 16.
  • a day: 2000 huf
  • 24 hours: 3000 huf
  • 36 hours: 4000 huf
  • 48 hours: 5000 huf
basket, lock and helmet included. you can rent lots of other equipments. deposit needed (50 or 100 eur).


LONGOFF said...

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rozdincer said...

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