Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Vegetarian places in Budapest

not always easy to be a vegetarian, especially when you travel in some eastern european countries. actually you are really lucky with budapest, it's not that eastern in the vegetarian line (:

my favourite place is the "Lébár" (juicebar), they offer very cheap and good vegan food and fresh juices here (Múzeum körút). good option for those who can't eat sugar or flour, too, they have very clever cakes and pastries. often you can find the vegetarian version of some hungarian dish like paprikás krumpli (paprika potatoes), gulyásleves (goulash soup) or jókai bableves (bean soup).
they are open every weekday between 10 and 18. it's very small place. next to it you can find the best organic shop in the country (in my opinion), with fresh fruits and vegetables also.

my second favourite place is the hummus bar, they serve delicious israelian veggie food like hummus and falafel. you can buy falafel everywhere in the city, but this is the only place where it's actually good. they have more restaurants. the nicest one is at the Kertész utca 39, here.
the other location serves the same food, but the place is not that lovely (Alkotmány u. 20.).

a nice option can be the belgian fries: the place is called Pár Perc Krumpli (some minutes of potato), they offer nice fries, many kinds of sauces and some vegetarian burgers. they also have more shops:
Ráday u. 1-3
Móricz Zs. körút 2.

at these places you can get filled by 2-3 euros, i don't really go to more expensive restaurants. you can always find something vegetarian at the turkish buffets (we have many). a good one is near the Nyugati train station, called Szeráj. their aubergine and spinach in joghurt is great.

I never tried, but looks nice the biodarshan vegetarian shop and restaurant.

there are some other options as well, but i should test them first. if you want to try something hungarian but veggie, there's the főzelék (made of any kind of vegetable, can't really explain, so check out the pictures). if you want to try the higher class version, the stand bistro is told to be good and cheap (4 eur) at lucnhtime. then there's lecsó (it can contain meat, ask about it before ordering), it's similar to the ratatouille, perfect summer food. and you can try some typical hungarian pastas, like túrós csusza (with cottage cheese, ask without bacon), mákos tészta (with poppy seed, it's sweet), káposztás tészta (with cabbage - it can be sweet and salty as well), etc. you will love túrógombóc, if it's made in a good way. in the restaurants they usually serve it as dessert, but at home you would eat it as a main dish. i prefer with sugar and tejföl (sour creme). and you can't miss lángos of course, but be prepared to something very heavy and oily (or greasy). best with tejföl and cheese, or just simply with some garlic. you can find it quite cheap at the central market. ok, i'll come up with more ideas later. ask anything in the comments.

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Mayara said...

Hi! I just loved your blog! I`ll be in Budapest for 6 months next year and all your tips are exactly what I was looking for. Especially these about vegetarian places. Thank you very much. Keep up with the blog, please.
There is one thing I would love to know: Places to shop.Where are the good places to shop for clothes? I like fashion, but don`t want to spend much on it. Are there many good bazzars?