Saturday, 9 June 2007

alternative market

every second sunday of the month a special market is organised at szimpla kert (or mozi), which is a very cool bar - i can recommend it also for the nights. i think i will write a post about szimpla, too, but now just about the market.
you can bring here anything to sell, self-made clothes, bags and accessories, old books or bakelites, and beautiful bulgarian icons. and you can come here also to buy them.
all the stuff is very creative, cool and "alternatively trendy", if you know what i mean. and you can sit down, drink a cold beer or a hot cocoa from a traditional red-spotted cup. and use free wi-fi...

so the place: 7th district, kazinczy street 14 (map).
the time: 10th of june, sunday, 13:00-19:00

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