Friday, 22 June 2007


love to bring things back home? love to shop clothes, shoes, etc.? you must buy the traditional tisza shoes. or a tisza shirt, vest, bag, purse or socks or...
it means much more for the hungarians than just a brand. tisza (second largest river in hungary) story begins somewhere in the first half of the 20th century. later, in the communist era it became a great succes. we got the order to produce shoes in the comecon, so we did. it was known all over the eastern side of the world. but you can read it on the homepage.
in the retro craze of late 90's it was renewed. now, it's a kind of alter's wear. say it: tea-sa-tzee-poe! you can be sure that these shoes wil be unique in your country.
the central shop is on the Astoria (map). there are two others in the pólus and westend malls and five in the countryside. their hompage is here:

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