Friday, 29 June 2007

bryan adams for free

every year, on the 30th of june, there is a big concert with an international star on the stage - for free, organised by t-mobile. the date is because their phone numbers begin with 06-30. (and hungarians write the dates like this: 2007. 06. 30. we mix up everything, like the names: surname first!)
this year that star will be bryan adams, the canadian singer, but i think that who will be the main reason of the crowd is rúzsa magdolna, last year's 'megastar' singer contest's winner. she participated this year in eurovision with this song. i like the most her performance with lajkó félix, a genious musician from last summer. this one was also amazing, a song from the serbian movie 'time of the gypsies'. she sings in hungarian and in serbian in this song, too, because she's from serbia's hungarian part.

the technical parts now:
the concert begins at 6 pm, and bryan adams probably will be on stage at 8.30.
the place is '56-osok tere (square of the 56-ers; map), you can get here by the yellow (#1) metro. just follow everybody. there will be some changes in the public transport, for example the yellow metro and the trams #1 and #6 will circulate until 00.30. and the crowd will be huge!


Zsolt said...

nagyon jó az oldalatok, csak most találtam rá, de igazán remek munka:)

judyjudy said...

köszönjük. úgy látom, fotózol. ha vannak budapestről szép fotóid, szívesen írunk róluk!

we just got a positive comment here, and i said thank you. zsolt seems to be a good photographer, we are waiting forward to his budapest-photos!