Monday, 25 June 2007

party people - zöld pardon

where to party on monday? well, i would recommend you zöld pardon (map and details) again. the concert is a lot of fun - if you speak hungarian. cause the sarcastic hip-hop band, the "belga" will be on scene from 8pm. but it's too early to party anyway, so you can catch the disco-part from 10pm. two stages, young boys and girl, what else do you want?
at this place tuesday is for rock, i'm not good in it, but the performer will be "guilty parties", a rage against the machine tribute band. enjoy, if you love this.
buuuut! on wednesday! the one and only "neo" will give the music under your feet. 8 pm again, don't miss it! an old but forever green song from them is "ranbo 13". they are in the electronic industry, as you can hear it.
thursday is also good, "heaven street seven", alternative soft indie or something like that, i'm really bad in these style-things, but whatever. i would recommend you the song "south america". you can come here if don't like kasabian. but if you do... man... then you should definitely go to the kasabian concert that time. but this deserves a new post. and i will tell you how to enjoy it if you don't have the money for the entrance ticket. stay tuned.

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